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Your Oikos is a group of approximately 8-15 people that God has supernaturally and strategically placed in your life to use you as an instrument of His grace.


As a follower of Jesus, you are invited to be a part of His mission to make disciples of all nations. When we learn to listen and respond to God, He will show us our part in that mission and empower us to carry it out.  Although some are called to go and be missionaries in a place other than our home, most of us are called to be missionaries to the people we interact with everyday in places like our neighborhoods, schools, and jobs.  Though we get to be a light to all people, the Holy Spirit leads us to intentionally invest ourselves in a smaller group of people.  We call this group your Oikos. God wants to use you as instrument of His to draw those in your Oikos closer to Himself.  We challenge you to partner with God and us by following the steps below.  

Step #1  Begin with Prayer

Your mission is actually God’s mission.  Begin by praying that God will help you to see your world the way that He does.  Pray that He shows you those He has chosen to be in your oikos. 


Step #2  Make a List

As God reveals who is in your oikos, write their names on your list. Put the list where you will see it regularly (such as your Bible) to remember your oikos.  As life changes, so does your oikos.  Keep your list updated as God shows you. 


Step #3  Pray for Your Oikos

Set aside time to be with God each day.  As a part of that time, pray specifically for your oikos.  You can pray for their needs, that God would draw them to Him, or that God will show you how to minister to them.  You may even ask them how you can be praying for them.

Step #4  Serve in Love

Be attentive to opportunities that God gives you to love your oikos through acts of kindness.  God has chosen you to give them an experience of His presence.   


Step #5  Invite into Community

Regularly invite your oikos to participate in Christ-centered fellowship.  This might be a worship service, small group, a fun activity, or a meal at your home.


Step #6  Be Ready

As a follower of Jesus, God is always at work in your life.  Learn to be aware of His work and regularly express gratitude through prayer, conversation, or journaling so you can share naturally with your oikos.


Step #7  Grow in Christ

Your life is journey with God.  He is always at work transforming and shaping you for your good and His glory.  Continue to abide in Him through reading His word, worship, fellowship, prayer, and obedience.